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Get to Know Bryan Schmeltzer

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Internet sales manager
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Customer Testimonials

Hope all is well. I wanted to thank you again for the extreme pleasant experience you provided during my purchase of the two Hondas. I recently had a chance to visit Ed Martin Acura and Dreyer & Reibhold BMW, which made me remember how easy, convenient, and pleasant it was to purchase Hondas through Terry Lee.

At both of these dealerships, I experienced deceptiveness, pushiness, unethical salesmanship, and all of those fanatic characteristics that sums up automobile dealerships. I was amused to see how these salesmen tried to "sell" Acura TLX & BMW 3-Series to me, when both of these fine vehicles speak for themselves. This reminded me how comfortable and enjoyable was the test-drive of my V6 Coupe (as I didn't even need to test-drive the Sport) when you demonstrated the car to me like a friend and not a salesman. In fact, you under-estimated the car by a huge margin. The kind of compliments I've received on my V6 Coupe makes me feel as if I'm driving a Lamborghini.

When I totaled my Accord Sport and visited you pondering over a new purchase, you guided me like a father to keep the Sport and plan on purchasing a new car the following year to avoid huge losses. When you observed my craving to purchase a Coupe, you were very wise in guiding me to take the "trade-in" route, which motivated me to sell my old car and make another new purchase while saving money on taxes. This incidence in itself reminds of the strong ethics and morals that you hold as an individual.

This experienced has made me more inclined to purchase another Honda (within the next six months) rather than considering an Acura or a BMW, even though I love Acura to core. I always wanted to understand my huge fanaticism with Honda; I've realized that it's not the brand itself but the pleasant experience I've gathered in prior purchases.

After my unpleasant experiences, I was feeling very grateful to have done business with you, and hence thought of reminding you that the automobile world isn't kind to people; especially when it comes to young adults, who are viewed as preys rather than customers. Thanks again, and wish you all the best with your new (I guess, not-so-new now) position. You are certainly an asset to any organization you work for.

Best Regards,

October 2, 2015

I recently bought my second new Honda (in 6 months) from Terry Lee and I must say that my experience has been overwhelming. Bryan S. was my salesman both the time who guided me in an excellent, no rush/pressure, and honest manner.
To give an example, I was initially interested in an Accord V6 Coupe. After I test drove it at another Honda dealership, I disliked the car so much that I planned to either wait for a re-design or pursue Civic Si as an option. However; when Bryan showed me the car at Terry Lee one evening, I totally loved it. I am shocked that even though I drove the exact same car at both the places, my experience differed by such a high magnitude. It is certainly because of Bryan's excellent sales skills supplemented with his respectful behavior and integrity that makes you fall in love with the vehicle and the overall purchase process.
I have visited quite a few Honda dealerships (about five-seven) in the past as I've always been a big Honda fan and customer (currently, I'm driving my fifth new Honda.) My experience so far has been the best at Terry Lee, and worst at Schaumburg Honda (Schaumburg, IL) and Penske Honda (Indianapolis, IN.) Both SH and PH actually compete against each other for worst customer service and worst customer experience.
I am certain that if I wouldn't have visited Terry Lee, I would have definitely purchased a Toyota (that I hate the most) or Chevrolet than purchasing a Honda from the above mentioned dealerships.
Terry Lee has already earned my business for each and every future Honda purchase. To get a sweet deal and to feel appreciated as a customer, I wouldn't even mind driving from Chicago or nearby areas if I ever had to move there and subsequently make a Honda purchase.
Siddharth Sanghi | May 9, 2014
I'm in Fort Wayne and I contacted all of the Honda dealers within a 2-3 hour radius of me, as the Honda dealer in Fort Wayne is, shall we say, difficult to work with..
Out of all the dealers I contacted, about 50% never responded. Of those who did, it was either template emails that I never received another reply from or phone calls that I returned, but no one ever called back..
Then there was Bryan Schmeltzer at Terry Lee. He actually sent me a real email (not a template with half the fields containing the wrong info). And he actually responded when I emailed him back.
Long and short, in just a few hours...through gained me as a customer.
And when I arrived in Indy to pick up my CR-V last Friday, there were no surprises, no hassles and no headaches. The transaction was smooth, friendly and professional..

As a side note, I make my living online. I'm well aware of what it's like to be constantly contacted by people, where they seem like a waste of time and you just want to blow them off. But I made it a practice years ago to personally reply to everyone, because you never know who is on the other side of that email. More often than not, taking a couple of minutes to personally respond to people will turn into money.
So...thank you, Terry Lee Honda and Bryan for getting it right. It's so rare these days.

-Dave | Feb. 27, 2015 
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