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Get to Know Chris Harriman

Job title and what you do:
Internet sales manager, I sell the best cars MADE!
Favorite car:
Civic SI
Favorite sports team:
Schmidt and Peterson Motorsports (local Indy team)
Watching Indy car racing, Drag racing my Civic SI and O'Reilley Raceway Park
What's something most people don't know about you:
I am an only child
Favorite moment at Terry Lee Honda:
The day I bought my 2013 Civic SI
What's the best thing about working at Terry Lee Honda:
I get to talk about Hondas all day
Chris Harriman
Stephany Ander with her new 2013 Honda Insight purchased from Chris Harriman
Customer Testimonials

I really like Chris Harriman's style and the way she worked with me to meet my busy schedule! She is a huge asset to your sales team. She is very straight forward and no non-sense and I like that in her style. She went out of her way to accommodate me, by locating the Honda I wanted that was out of state, and then coming in on her day off to make a deal. My thanks also to Jamal for making the financing part of the deal quick, efficient, and succinct. Great TEAM at Terry Lee Honda!

Craig Smith | October 11, 2015

Chris Harriman is the best. We have bought 3 cars from her, and will buy number 4 with her help also, never any pressure to hurry and sign, she makes it easy.
Denny & Jean Lents | September 16, 2015

I am sure in your business people are always quick to tell you when things aren’t right. I was in a business like that, too. However, those folks never take time to tell you when things go well. I don’t want to be one of those people.

I am writing to tell you that I very much appreciate the style, work, and effectiveness of Chris Harriman. I first met Chris 3 years ago when I was looking to find a Honda CR-V for an online purchase. Frankly, it was a time in my life when I was busy and didn’t want to visit a dealer and “do the dance”. I wanted good information and a fair price. Chris provided that when others didn’t. I live in West Lafayette, so you aren’t exactly local and there is a significant Honda dealer right here in town that just wanted me to “stop by” and wouldn’t give me a square answer in email for even simple questions. Chris was exactly what I needed. She provided the information and we worked out a fair deal. We made the deal via email and I believe spoke only once on the phone. We met in person when I picked up the my CR-V for a single-payment lease. That was also an option Chris suggested that I had never considered.

Move forward 3 years. Time to make some decisions but one decision was clear. I was going to return to Terry Lee Honda and Chris. Once again, I liked her style. I asked questions. She gave correct, frank, and honest answers and again we made I deal that I believe is fair and good for all involved. In the end, those are the only deals that generate customer loyalty and solid recommendations.

Finally, I want to point out that I very much appreciate your online business model. I am not a Gen X, Y, or Z person. I retired after a 40+ year IT career. I started with computers when they were as big as a house and mostly wood burning. J When I left Purdue with a degree in CS, I never thought I would own a computer and had never sent a single email. Email didn’t exist yet. Online communication isn’t the answer to everything, but it is an answer to some things. I want to purchase items like a car from a real business with real people. I don’t want to buy a Honda from Amazon regardless of the great deal. I do, however, have many time pressures and there is no reason fair deals with correct information can’t be worked out using email and the Internet as a communications mechanism. Both parties can work when they have available time and that will generate focus and good results.

I will be by next week to pick up my new 2015 CR-V. You have a good online business model and a good person in Chris. I will no doubt be returning again for another Honda.

Scott Ksander | March 28, 2015


Chris Harriman was our Salesperson! She was Awesome! She knew everything about the CR-V! We have never had any Sales Person that was as informed as Chris! I think she deserves an award!

Robin Tamlin | March 19, 2015


Chris, I like to thank you for a very professional experience my wife and I had at Terry Lee Honda. The customer service at Terry Lee Honda was an excellent experience. Although you were busy you were able to handle all the details we talked about in a very timely manner.

Finally the finance manger Rico Bell was on of the best I have seen till today. He was very professional and best of all no pressure in buying any additional service. Rico was willing to work with me to get me the deal I want.

Thank you both for making my wife and I very comfortable in purchasing our 2015 Honda Odyssey. Please share this email with Rico Bell.

Jerry and Rebecca Cruez | September 16, 2014


Thank you for the email. Too often I have found that in today's world, customer satisfaction is not number one like it use to be. When I was growing up, I was always told that the customer is royalty and should be treated as royalty because without them - there would be no job.

With that being said, the absolute one thing that Terry Lee Honda should NEVER do is let Chris Harriman leave. I have walked away from other dealers who "just wanted to make the sale". I have never had that personal touch that I was given by Chris. She was AWESOME! I will highly recommend all my friends, family and strangers to come see Chris at Terry Lee Honda. I hope that you treat your employees the same way Chris treated me. What an asset you have with a person like her on your team! Thank you for making this such a fun experience and thank you for caring enough to contact me and let me know you are all about the customer. I have truly missed that in today's world. This is what makes me want to come back to you and your dealership AND TELL EVERYBODY I KNOW ABOUT YOU. I alone have 7 siblings and my husband has 5. With all of them married with kids who are married etc., that's a lot of people.

Again, thank you. I love the Ridgeline but most importantly, my husband loves his truck! This was a gift for our 29th wedding anniversary. I have a wonderful marriage with him and now I hope to have as long a relationship wth you. Please thank Chris again for me and keep her happy!

A new loyal customer!!!

Karen Renick | September 16, 2014


It was through Chris Harriman's efforts that brought me to Terry Lee Honda. This was a major achievement, since I had bought a 2012 Honda from Ed Martin Honda. Through no pressure, straight talk, honesty and competitive pricing, she made it happen. As a retired Army Colonel, I am not easily moved. Good job Chris.

Joe Pelis | February 5, 2014


Chris, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into getting me into my new Honda - love the car!!!

More importantly, the paperwork process was a buyer's dream and couldn't have been more seamless!! I feel that's a direct result of you and your "professional" abilities! I was, and continue to be, bowled over by how painless you made everything for me!

Thank you for showing me the highlights of the car and ensuring I was able to leave in time to make it to work. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

I was so impressed by the Customer Service aspect shown to me from both you and George! I'm definitely a Terry Lee Honda fan now and will certainly recommend you to friends and family.

Again, my thanks to you for making this an outstanding Customer Service experience for me!!

Karen Gray | February 3, 2014


Enjoyed the whole thing, very friendly, no pressure , very relaxing process!

David & Heather Titara


This sounds crazy, but the reason I came to Terry Lee Honda to check out a car lease was because of the "family friendly" movies sponsored on my PBS station by Terry Lee Honda. I work in the family service field and each time I would see this on TV, I vowed if I ever was in a position to get a different car, I would go to Terry Lee Honda even though I live in Lafayette, IN. Also, Chris Harriman, my sales contact, was/is the best ever! She followed up in a timely way and stayed late to help me.

Dreama Love | December 9, 2013


Chris Harriman was great: 1. She responded very quickly to my email with a bid, as requested. 2. Her bid was a good enough starting point to ensure a conversation. 3. She responded clearly to each of my emails. 4. When I asked for a "final price to close the deal", it was good enough to close the deal. 5. She was helpful at the dealership in all respects. Additionally, George Nasser did a great job as Finance Manager.

David Mutchler | January 5, 2014


Chris Harriman is our salesperson. She is great to work with and very knowledgeable about the vehicles. It was a long process because of our trade-in vehicle, and Terry Lee Honda was wonderful about the time it took us to get our transaction completed.

Dana Miller | January 2, 2014


Chris and team did a great job!

Timothy Sullivan | October 23, 2013

Chris Harriman2
Internet Manager, Chris Harriman, surprised Sara Grayson with this beautiful dyno blue pearly 2013 Civic. Sara really wanted this color but didn't see one so decided on another. Chris realized a shipment had just been dropped off with one on it and had it cleaned up and ready for Sara when she walked out of the finance office!
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