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Types of Engine Fluids

Servicing your car can be daunting enough, but when it comes to your engine, things can feel even more complicated and confusing. The engine in your vehicle is an amazing example of human engineering - which is another way of saying there’s a lot going on with an engine, and it can get overwhelming.


There are a few fluids in your engine that are absolutely essential to the health of vehicle. Here’s a quick list of the ones you need to keep an eye on:

Motor Oil

Hint: this is the one you use the dipstick for. Motor oil essentially keeps all the grinding, moving parts of your engine working smoothly, so it’s important to have plenty of it. Oil also removes excess heat, keeps your engine clean, and prevents corrosion. You should check your engine once a month and follow your car’s owner’s manual for when to get it changed.


Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid keeps all the gears in your car turning nice and smooth. Your transmission fluid should never be low, so it’s important to check it very often: at least once a month. Transmission fluid should always be red. If it is brown and/or has a burnt smell to it, take your car to the mechanic ASAP for it to be replaced.

Power Steering Fluid

This liquid keeps your steering even and effortless. When it’s low, your steering might feel a little choppy. To check, all you need to do is look at power steering reservoir under the hood. You never need to change or replenish your power steering fluid, so if it looks very low you may have a leak.

Brake Fluid

This keeps your brakes working properly, so it is extremely important. The brake fluid reservoir is located on the driver’s side of the vehicle, and, as with power steering fluid, you can check it just by looking at the reservoir. Brake fluid should be gold; if it’s turning brown, it should be replaced.

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