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Service FAQs

Should I have maintenance done at the dealership to keep my warranty?
You won't lose your warranty if you have work done elsewhere, but you should keep a record of all maintenance performed on your vehicle. However, bear in mind that service technicians at the dealership are much better versed in your particular make and model that technicians at chain repair shops.
What causes tire damage?
A number of things cause tire damage, such as bad driving habits like sudden stopping and starting as well as bad road conditions, but the most common cause of tire damage is improper inflation.
When should I bring my car to the dealer?
You can bring your car to the dealership for any service concerns you may have. If your vehicle has been recalled or if you need your maintenance to be covered by warranty, you should definitely bring your car to the dealer.
Where do I find the correct tire pressure for my car?
Properly inflated tires will match the manufacturer's suggested pressure specs, which will usually be printed on the sides of their tires.
When should I have my brakes checked?
While you should also be following a routine maintenance schedule, one good rule of thumb is that your brakes shouldn't be making noise. Have your brakes checked if you hear any grinding or squealing noises.
When should I change my oil?
Have your oil checked once a month just in case, but a general rule for having oil changed is once every 3,000 miles. However, if you have synthetic oil, this can be changed to 5,000 miles. Your owner’s manual will tell you the recommended intervals for your make and model.
When should I check anti-freeze and other fluids?
All fluids, including anti-freeze as well as power steering, wiper fluid, and others, should be checked once a month.
Should I change my wiper blades, and how often?
Once a year if you keep your car in the garage. If your car is kept outside, you may need to change your wiper blades two or three times a year. You should keep in mind that your blades should be replaced when they begin streaking.

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